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One of my favorite places in the world! This #ForumFriday shot was taken in Vang Vieng, Laos by @n1cnac!
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28 Best Places to Visit in the United States

The United States is filled with too many “must sees” places to list in a single blog post — but I think these make for a good start!

Ko Lipe: The Greatest Month in All my Travels

NEW POST: It's been awhile, but I've been writing a book that's due in a few weeks. Here's a story from the road that I've never truly shared. If there is a heaven, this would be it for me.

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Where are you headed next?!

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I frequently fly all over the world in some incredible first/business-class cabins for as little as $5.

How am I able to experience this without spending thousands of dollars on a ticket?


Travel hacking is the art of collecting frequent flier points and miles to get free flights, hotels, tours, and more.

If you've always wanted to fly in style, fly for (nearly) free in economy class, or get free hotel rooms, I wrote a very detailed, step-by step guide on how to do this. Make this year the year you take advantage of travel hacking!


5 budget destinations in Europe you won't want to miss

I LOVE all of these destinations!

Paris is NOT a Touristy Destination

While it's good to see something different and explore what hasn’t been Disney-fied for tourists, the idea that simply because a place is popular it’s become “too touristy” or "ruined" is not always true!

7 Castles You MUST See in France

France's Loire Valley is an incredible place to visit. If not just for the castles, then for the wine 🍷!

Argentina Travel Tips

Take your time exploring this wonderful country – the vast landscape takes time to get around and is worth all the distractions you’ll find along the way. I loved the food, hospitality, and positive energy the locals here!

How to Represent Travel on Your Résumé

When you return from a long-term trip, how do you explain the gap in your employment to your the hiring person in front of you? This post by career break expert Sherry Ott shares when (and when not) to use travel to boost your resume. Tag someone who might find this useful!

How to Eat Cheap Around the World

Food is such an integral part of so many cultures that to skip out on meals when you travel is to miss a huge part of traveling! But eating out all the time can get expensive — so I learned just learned how to balance eating 99% of my meals out while saving money.

Things To Do In Las Vegas | Off The Strip Ideas | Nomadic Matt

There's SO much more to Vegas than just the stretch of hotels, casinos, and restaurants — and letting this one aspect of the city keep you away is a mistake.

How to Become a Travel Photographer! - Super Star Blogging

I partnered with Laurence Norah of Finding the Universe to create an in-depth photography course that will drastically improve the way you take photos.

This course is packed with examples, images, and videos, making what can seem like a complex subject easy to understand. Starting from the beginning, you’ll learn the essentials of photography, advanced photo techniques, editing, and actually making an income from photography!

How Will Travels the World on $20 or Less Per Day!

I love reading stories like Will’s because it is always a good reminder that when you’re creative, you can save money without sacrificing adventure and fun on the road!

Cook Islands Travel Guide

We often think of the Pacific Islands as incredibly expensive and exotic destinations but these islands, close to New Zealand, are actually very affordable!

9 Ways to Become a Successful Blogger

Travel blogging is a crowded field — and it gets more crowded by the day. If you want to stand out, these are some things you MUST do to run a successful travel blog (or any blog):

The Emotional Cost of Travel

Relatable post from Lessons Learned Abroad! There are definitely some downsides to constant travel.

Photos from Nomadic Matt's post

It's time for another Inspiring Blogger interview! This week we are featuring Ed from The Edventures! He recently completed an epic overland adventure from the UK to Australia – all without taking a flight! In this interview, Ed shares his story as well as some tips for other travelers and bloggers!

Read his story here: http://forums.nomadicmatt.com/topic/4970-an-epic-overland-adventure-with-the-edventures/

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I need to visit Nepal sometime soon! Has anyone been? This #ForumFriday shot is of the Ama Dablam mountain in Nepal during an Everest base camp hike from @nachikethas!
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#Nepal #EverestBaseCamp #Everest #VisitNepal #NepalTravel #bbctravel #lonelyplanet #TLPicks #traveldeeper

Colombia Travel Guide | Backpacking Tips | Nomadic Matt

Don’t let the media fool you — Colombia is AMAZING!

How to Become a Travel Writer - Super Star Blogging

As a fierce advocate of better writing, I wanted to create a travel writing course that provides detailed, hands-on instruction. If you've been thinking about becoming a travel writer, or just want to improve your writing in general — this is for you!

What to do your first 5 hours in a new place - Free Candie

What's the first thing you do when you arrive in a new destination? This is a great post from Free Candie!

How to Travel Across the United States on $50 a Day

Road-tripping across the United States is something everyone should experience! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do this on a budget.

Where To Stay In Maldives On A Budget | Nomadic Matt

While the Maldives are known for their luxury resorts and over-the-top pampering, it’s possible to enjoy an affordable trip to paradise!

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Traveling Without a Plan

Sometimes the best plan is NO plan.

The Grass is Never Greener

This is probably the most important lesson I've learned in over 10 years of travel.

10 reasons why Costa Rica should be on your bucket list

Still one of my all-time favorite destinations!

How To Always Find Cheap Flights | Nomadic Matt

If you want to travel more this year, you need to master the art of finding a cheap flight! Here is my 13-point guide to easily finding cheap flights, based on over ten years of travel and thousands of flights flown!

How to Plan a Trip to a Place You Know Nothing About

A smart and informed traveler is a better traveler! Are you going anywhere this year that requires a little extra research?


Too many people dream of Paris but think it’s too expensive. Or they visit and blow their budget because they end up in the tourist areas, where everything is overpriced. But Paris is not expensive and can be easily done on any budget!

Travel: The Ultimate Personal Development Tool

When people tell me all the ways they want to improve their lives, my advice to them is to travel for one simple reason: Travel solves ALL of these self-improvement goals in one fell swoop!

13 Amazing Things to Do in India

The possibilities of India are endless. Have you been?

The truth about "solo" travel!

Experiential Travel: Just Another Way for People to Take Your Money

If you want to experience a place, do what people have done for ages and just travel. Avoid the flashy terms, seductive marketing, and any trip using the term “experiential travel.” It’s simply a way to sell you something you could do on your own at a much higher price.

Bahamas Travel Guide

Unlike the rest of the Carribean, the Bahamas can be an expensive place to visit. But this guide can help!

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Ever since I wrote the blog post about why I hate Koh Phi Phi, I've been curious about any other places YOU'VE traveled and didn't enjoy. I created a discussion over on our community forums and it's really interesting to see where people didn't like! You can join the discussion here, or let me know in the comments: http://nomadicmatt.us/2FNqvTU

Women's Travel Fest 2018

Women's Travel Fest is back in NYC next weekend March 9th through the 11th! There will be tons of great speakers and networking opportunities! Nomadic Matt readers get 10% off with code NomadicMatt and we'll even have a table set-up there! So if you're attending, make sure to stop by!

17 Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Trip

In a continuing effort to get out the door and into the world, I’ve created this step-by-step guide to planning a trip that breaks the process down so planning becomes easier and less overwhelming! Where to next?

Family, Meet My Old Love: Saigon

Awesome article by the amazing travel writer, Matt Gross.

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Wow! Has anyone visited the Azores yet? They're an archipelago region of Portugal found in the mid-Atlantic. This #ForumFriday shot is of Vila Franca do Campo in the Azores, captured by fellow blogger, community member, and blogging student The Intrepid Guide - Language & Travel Blog! Definitely need to add this place to my list.
Want to be featured for #ForumFriday? We have a new theme this month! Join the community forums and submit your best landscape shots from anywhere in the world here for a chance to be featured: http://nomadicmatt.us/landscapeshots

My Favorite Destinations in Costa Rica

I’ve been to the country twice and have absolutely loved it both times. It’s actually one of my top five favorite places in the world!

How to Grow the Fuck Up: A Guide to Humans

Long read from my friend Mark Manson but worth every word.

Here's How to Bring the World to You When You Can't Travel

Whether you are coming home from a trip or just wish you could travel, my advice to you is the same:

When you can’t go anywhere, have the world come to you.

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your New Camera

This will help you capture the kind of travel photos you want!

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Eleven years ago today I left Cambodia to move to Bangkok to learn Thai. Within a few weeks, I was teaching English, moving into an apartment, and starting a life there. That experience changed my life and taught me that if I can make it in a city halfway around the world from scratch, I can make it anywhere. I found this old photo of me crossing into Cambodia. The border guard tried to scam me and my friends but we called him out on the official visa rate and he relented. Memories!

27 Golden Rules For Becoming a Master Traveler

#27 is the most important tip of them all! Anything you'd add?

Speakers - TravelCon

Tomorrow is the last day to get the early early bird ticket price for our new travel media conference TravelCon! We've got an incredible lineup of speakers this year, including Expert Vagabond, The Blonde Abroad, Be My Travel Muse, The Blog Abroad, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, Alex in Wanderland, The Planet D, Rolf Potts, Torre DeRoche, Ryan Holiday, and MANY more! With more than 35+ speakers, you'll be learning from the best in travel. Check out the rest of the lineup here and get your tickets before they're gone! We've already sold over 350 of 500 tickets!

How You Can Help Stop Animal Abuse in the Tourism Industry

This is an important issue that many travelers still aren't aware of.

Belize Travel Guide

One of my favorite destinations in Central America!

Travel Attractive

Take a some time off with the family with these amazing legoland deals