Why Travel Can Change the World

Travel can and WILL have a positive impact on the future!

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Where are your summer travels taking you? This amazing shot of Mount Olomana in Hawaii was taken by community member @joyryde!
If you want to be featured for #ForumFriday just join our community forums and submit a photo to this thread: nomadicmatt.us/landscapeshots ! I choose a new photo every week! -
#visithawaii #hawaii

Visiting Petra? Here's everything you need to know

Petra is a World Wonder for all the right reasons! If you've ever thought about visiting this enchanting place, here's everything you need to know!

Embracing Change: Health Scares, Retirement, and Travel

As more and more adults consider a “nomadic” retirement (especially here in the U.S. where it wasn’t always so common), I wanted to interview Donella and her husband to have them share their advice to help anyone who is considering doing the same!

How to (Legally) Stay in Europe for More Than 90 Days

One of the most frequent questions I get in my inbox is “How can I stay in Europe for more than 90 days?”. Though the answer is complicated, there ARE a few ways to get around the 90-day Schengen Zone limit.

Nomadic Matt's Guide to Iceland

Anyone headed to Iceland this summer?! It's one of my all time favorite countries (I can't wait to be back again in September!) If you want to experience the authentic side of Iceland and save tons of money on your visit, check out my brand new Iceland guide!

Travel Starts At Home

Sometimes you may need a vacation but can't take the time off to do so. Here are some ways to get yourself into the travel mindset and explore your own city with a new perspective!

Bordeaux, France | A Guide to This Amazing City

If you love wine, food, and architecture (and who doesn’t?!), Bordeaux is a place you should visit on your next trip to France!

How to Crush it on Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is one of the best ways to connect with locals, get off the main tourist travel path, and make new friends. I used it a lot on my last trip through France. Here's how to always have a successful time using it!

Montreal Travel Guide

With countless museums and galleries, the second largest botanical garden in the world, and parks scattered all over the city, there is plenty to keep you busy in Montreal! It's one of my favorite Canadian cities!

How to Photograph People

Respectfully taking a good photograph of the locals in an area is one of the hardest aspects of travel photography — but it's not entirely impossible!

How to Gain the Support of Your Friends and Family

When I first quit my job to travel the world, many people didn't understand and tried to convince me not to go. If you're struggling to convince the people in your life why your travel plans are the right choice for you, this post by Be My Travel Muse will help!

How Heather is Traveling South America on a Budget

Heather was the winner of the "Win A Trip Around the World" contest I ran last year. She won $50 a day for a year to travel anywhere in the world with! Now it's time to catch up with her and find out about her trip, how the budgeting is going, and some more lessons learned as she makes her way across South America!

Meet the Team: The Many Faces of Nomadic Matt

Earlier this year I was hiring for a new member of the Nomadic Matt team...and we finally found them! Mike started working with us last month, so I thought it was a good time to re-share this *updated* article so you all can get to know him and the rest of the team behind this website (it takes a lot more than just me to run smoothly!)

I've been in NYC for close to two months now. This is the longest I've been in one places in...well, I can't remember. No flights, no trips outside the city. Nothing. I'm getting really itchy feet, which is is good because next week I am off to a conference in Denver, then to one in Rotterdam, and then off to England for a few weeks (and maybe Wales!). Time to head back on the road again. Where are your summer travels taking you?

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Yesterday's #ForumFriday! This beautiful scene is from the Dolomites in Italy taken by one of our forum community members, Shelby Anderson!
If you want to be featured for #ForumFriday just join our community forums and submit a photo to this thread: nomadicmatt.us/landscapeshots

How to Spend 4 Days in New Orleans

After two lengthy visits, countless hours walking around and taking tours, listening to all the jazz and eating as much crawfish as possible, I’ve compiled this non-definitive guide to exploring New Orleans!

Why Do We Travel? Endless Opportunity!

We all have our reasons for traveling. What's yours?

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Heading back to Amsterdam this month on the way to Rotterdam to speak at Traverse Events! A few tickets have just been made available to this sold out event: http://www.traverse-events.com/conferences/traverse-18-rotterdam/! Use code NM20 for 20% off!
I'm excited to be able to spend a few days eating and biking through one of my favorite cities!

Traverse 18 - Rotterdam - Traverse

I’ll be speaking at the #Traverse18 influencers conference in Rotterdam in two weeks (26-27 May). Come down to hear me talk about 10 years of travel blogging, as well as getting to see over 45 other sessions, plus attend great networking events, one on ones with experts and meet fantastic brands!

A few tickets have just been made available to this sold out event and you can use code NM20 for 20% OFF!:


Of Americans, Canadians, and Flags

I recently met some Iranians and had a few conversations about the negative perceptions of Americans, which reminded me of this old post of mine. With the Iran deal dead and Trump as president, I feel like this is just as relevant today as it was when I wrote it.

The coolest hostels around the world

Where's the coolest hostel you've ever stayed at?


How to Move Abroad and Save Money

Have you ever thought of living overseas? Not sure the logistics of it? In this post, professional travel writer Tim Leffel shares the steps needed to move overseas, save more, and have more fun!

What to do in Istanbul, from must-dos to lesser-known gems

Istanbul is the kind of city you'll carry with you.

The No-Nonsense Guide to Data Security for Travelers

If you’re going to be taking a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with you around the world, protecting your data and backing up your memories really matters (and it doesn't take a huge effort!)

The Guide to Fearless Solo Female Travel

This is THE ultimate guide for solo female travelers, giving you the information you need as a woman to plan an amazing trip and be a fearless and informed traveler!

8 reasons to love Christchurch, New Zealand - Young Adventuress

Though severely damaged by earthquakes in the last few years, Christchurch is becoming a brand-new city and a super hip place to be!

That Time I Lost My Passport

Stepping out of the restricted area at the Amsterdam airport, I had an awful realization: I left my passport on the plane. At least now I know the steps you need to take when you lose your passport overseas! Has this ever happened to you?

The Best Things to Do in and Around Cusco, Peru

Looks like I really need to visit Cusco!

10 Destinations to Visit When You're a Budget Traveler

These destinations are my favorite countries and regions for getting the most value for your money, meeting friendly locals and travelers, eating well, and having fun! Any you'd add?

11 Incredible LGBT Travel Movies

In this post, Adam from Travels of Adam shares some of his favorite LGBT travel films! Even if you don’t identify as LGBT, these films follow themes we can all relate to, no matter your sexuality or gender.

Amsterdam Travel Guide

I'm heading back to Amsterdam in few weeks on my way to Rotterdam to speak at Traverse (anyone going to be there?)! I'm excited to spend a few days eating and biking through one of my favorite cities! If you're headed there anytime soon, here's my ultimate budget guide to the city!

Poland Travel Guide

With its incredible history, stunning landscapes, affordable prices, and empty coastlines, Poland is a wonderful – and too often overlooked – destination!

10 Books that Will Inspire You to Visit Africa

These books do a great job of capturing the magic you can only find in Africa!

Kyoto Travel Guide

One of the most gorgeous places in all of Japan! Don't miss it!

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One of the most beautiful places in the USA! This is Maroon Bells, Snowmass Wilderness in Colorado captured by community member @avijos!
Want to be feature for #ForumFriday? Join our community forums where we talk all things travel and submit your best landscape shots here: nomadicmatt.us/landscapeshots !

Singapore Travel Guide

While most people come here for a couple of days just to “do” Singapore and check it off their bucket list, I think it deserves much more time than that!

How to Travel Around Madagascar

Madagascar is a raw, barely explored place. It’s cheap (once you get there), your tourist dollars can create a really positive impact, and there are few crowds and many cute lemurs and majestic landscapes, which you get virtually to yourself!

The Art of Vlogging - Super Star Blogging

If you are looking to get started with video but aren’t sure where to start and want some direction, this course is for you. No other travel video course features as many experts sharing their secrets to success in one place. If you’re going to learn video, learn from the best!

The Cost of Traveling New Zealand

NEW EPIC POST: Here's an in depth breakdown of how to budget and save in New Zealand. I go into detail on how much I spent, where I went wrong, and what to do to visit this country without busting your budget.

The Travel Slump and How to Deal With It

Many long-term travelers will face the travel slump at some point or another on their trip...BUT there are two easy ways to fix it!

Enter Our $4,500 Travel Sweepstakes Today! (Plus an Exciting Announcement!)

My friends over at Million Mile Secrets are doing an awesome giveaway! You could win $4,500 to take your dream trip (and it's super easy to enter!)

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I've been spending time in New York for over a month and it's finally starting to feel like spring! This skyline view never gets old. Where in the world are you?

7 Things I Learned While Driving Through the American South

Traveling through the American South broke down a lot of the barriers and misconceptions I had about the people and the places. The more you travel, the more you understand people (even when you don’t agree with them).

How to Take the Perfect Travel Photograph

Want to take better photos when you travel? Professional travel photographer Laurence Norah shares some simple tips for common travel scenes to get you taking better photos faster!

Nomadic Matt's Guide to Paris

Too many people dream of Paris but think it’s too expensive. Or they visit and blow their budget because they end up in the tourist areas, where everything is overpriced. But Paris is not expensive and can be easily done on any budget!

How These 5 People Found the Path to Their Dream Trip

Over a year in the making, this case study project shows how four very different people could make their dream trip come true! I hope these stories inspire you to realize you can make YOUR dream trip a reality too!

7 Common Travel Myths That are Completely WRONG

Despite all the detailed websites and books on how to make travel affordable and accessible, too many people still believe the notion that travel is expensive, unsafe, and impossible unless you are rich. It’s time to put these common beliefs about traveling to rest and show why they’re wrong!

You Can't Win If You Don't Play

If you are unhappy or daydream your life away but want amazing things, you have to make a change. You have to get out there.

You can’t win the game of life if you don’t play it.

Travel Attractive

Take a some time off with the family with these amazing legoland deals